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At Lashing Factory, we offer a full range of eyelash extension services to enhance your natural beauty. With expert application techniques and high-quality products, your lashes will look and feel amazing. Book your appointment today to experience the long-lasting and beautiful results.

1st Time
Full Set

Full Set before and after

Start off with your first full set. A full set means that you have no lash extensions installed. You and your lash tech will go over what style works best for you. Choose from three styles; Classic, Hybrid, or Volume. Your first full set with us is only $90

Refill &

Refill before & after

Unfortunately, everyone’s lashes shed. It’s best to come every 2 weeks for your extensions to look beautiful all the time. A refill means that you have some lash extension installed and some extensions have shed off. Your lash tech will fill in any gaps giving you a refreshed look.


Keeping your lash extensions looking great doesn’t have to break the bank. Sign up for our membership program and get 2 refill a month. And get extra discounts on add on services!

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